Organic Manure

(Pack of 5/10/15/20 kg)

Cow manure is an excellent fertilizer for home gardens and farmlands. Fresh dung has a disagreeable odour, high ammonia levels and may contain excess salt. We at Enrich Farms, compost animal waste to create good fertilizer without the odour, salt concentration or toxic ammonia levels found in fresh dung. Not only do we use Organic Manure to grow our own lush green grazing lands, but we also supply it for home and office gardening needs. We also supply other products like vermicompost and ‘panchagvya’ that improve soil condition and crop growth.

Cow Dung Cake

(pack of 12)

Cakes of cow dung moulded by bare hands are traditionally used as fuel in homes for cooking and also used for puja.

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