Our Story

At Enrich Foods dairy farm, our vision is to spread the goodness of pure cow’s milk and delicious world-class dairy products while ensuring that our healthy cows are lovingly cared for in hygienic conditions.

Since 2010, Enrich Foods has brought to Chennai, Farm Fresh Cremurah dairy. With Cremurah, Chennai Residents have enjoyed the joy of drinking farm fresh milk every day, and eating healthy dairy foods like curd, paneer (cottage cheese), butter, ghee (clarified butter), and khova (evaporated milk) on demand. Environment friendly by-products of animal waste like Vermicompost, manure, and other products are also available with us.

Our holistic, environment friendly approach and dairy practices are focused on supplying the best-quality milk, devoid of harmful additives/hormones/preservatives without compromising on the humane care provided to the farm animals.

Enrich Foods Dairy Farm, located in Perungavoor near Red Hills, Chennai, supplies nearly 650 litres of farm fresh cow’s milk across Chennai through our own delivery network.

When you explore our world of natural, wholesome milk and dairy products that taste great and offer tons of health benefits, you will discover for yourself, our passion about natural, addictive free, farm fresh milk.

Taste it and get started on a healthy and wholesome adventure!

We hope for your patronage and promise you our unfailing commitment to health and excellence.

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